Kim and Theo: Now What? Let’s Connect!

After co-authoring the best-selling book, ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’, Kim and Theo have been busy visiting schools, prisons, companies and non-profit groups around the globe, bringing their unique approach to trauma-informed education and learning.

So, now what?! Kim and Theo are continuing to work together, with many exciting new projects on the horizon, including one we would like to share with you.

If you are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we would like to extend an invitation to a very special event taking place on March 17th. Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury are hosting a free workshop at the Globe Theatre (617 – 8 Avenue SW), which is also serving as a filmed pilot episode for a new YouTube show they will be launching. With that in mind, please note that there is a chance you will be filmed, so we will need your consent that this is okay

For your knowledge, we are extending this invite to demographics of people who work on the front lines with traumatized people or in the work of trauma, mental health and addiction. We are looking in particular for representatives of the following industries:
  • Police, Victim Services
  • Lawyers, judges
  • Fire, EMS
  • Social workers
  • Naturopaths
  • Therapists
  • Military
  • Corrections officers, Prison officials
  • Teachers
  • Sports organizations, Coaches
  • Aboriginal groups
  • Representatives of spiritual/religious groups
If you have never been to a Kim and Theo event, here is the best we can describe it:

Theo Fleury is a hockey legend whose life experiences serve to illuminate how resilience is possible. Kim Barthel trains therapists and teachers all over the world about making sense of complex behaviour. But you’d never see her with a hockey stick and you wouldn’t see him writing about neurobiology. Or so we would have thought…

Factory workers, executives, homeless people, from Christians to Buddhists and every shade of grey and purple in between, young and old – all find something in Kim and Theo’s conversations that they can relate to. The secret in the sauce, the critical ingredient that they’re essentially modelling, is a respectful connection. But they’re both works in progress, they’re likeable, they’re approachable, they have humility, they’re both great storytellers, they’re real people. No more, no less. 

What you need to know if you want to attend:

Please RSVP by sending an email to: or, and please let us know what industry you are in as well.

The doors to the venue open at 8:15 am, at which time you can check-in and find a seat in the theatre. The program will start promptly at 9 am and will end at 3 pm with a one-hour break for lunch at noon. There is a small concession in the theatre, that is cash only. Again, this event is free to attend but we require you to RSVP if you plan to join us.


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