CWAR Twitter Chat Highlights: Hurt People, Hurt People



In case you missed it, last night we hosted our second Twitter chat, where Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury joined people across the globe in a conversation about trauma: “hurt people, hurt people”. We had an amazing conversation online, and took away lots of great perspectives and questions.

If you happened to miss out this time, here’s some of the highlights from Kim and Theo:

What does the sentence: “hurt people, hurt people” mean to you?

Theo: Hurt people hurt people is a more compassionate way of looking at trauma. Has a lot to do with learned behaviours.

Kim: We are all tender and sensitive and it is important to hold space for those feelings for all.

Comparing internal and external hurt, is one more damaging than the other? Why or why not?

Kim: When we hurt others we are hurting ourselves simultaneously. Hurt is a continuum. We have all experienced relative hurt. It is important not to compare hurts. Please remember that repair is part of healing. We will all hurt someone sometime.

Kim: Important not to shame ourselves when we hurt others, simply take responsibility for our role.

“Hurt people, hurt people” brings to mind compassion for offenders/abusers. Is that something anyone still has trouble with?

Theo: Seeing things from the lens of compassion lessons the load we often carry.

When we say “hurt people, hurt people”, in terms of offenders, do you think that means they can be rehabilitated?

Kim: Some. But to end the pain within ourselves we have to get to a place of some letting go whether they can change or not.

More thoughts on the subject: 

Theo: Remember always we are doing the best we can with what we have! Be kind to yourself and compassionate to others.

Theo: “I believe you” is the most important three words you could ever say to someone who tells their story!


To read the chat in its entirety, simply search on Twitter “CWARchat”. For more on this topic, read our blog “Hurt people, hurt people”, and keep the conversation going with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can find out more about ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ on our website.

– Written by Amber Craig
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