Helping doctors deal with trauma

Today is ‘National Doctors’ Day’, a day for celebrating all the amazing and hard-working doctors out there. Doctors belong to a powerful demographic of people who dedicate their work to helping others: medical professionals, therapists, first-responders, etc. As a result … Read the rest

Infidelity, Sex Addiction and the Trauma Behind the Ashley Madison Hack


Last week, a story broke that has caused more stir than a lot of headlines in recent memory—the Ashley Madison hack. If you missed the story, Ashley Madison is the world’s most popular online dating site, a Toronto-based website that … Read the rest

Breaking the Cycle of Trauma: Healing for Offenders



Trauma affects everyone, and healing from trauma doesn’t end with those who have been survivors of trauma. In fact, it doesn’t even need to begin there. It’s time to open our minds, our hearts and the conversation about trauma healing.… Read the rest